Useful Knowledge About Buying Childrens Bikes

Published: 31st October 2012
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One of the most memorable things you will ever give to your child is their very first bicycle. With this one gift you literally open up the world to them. Suddenly they have the means to go places without having to hitch a ride with their parent's. The bike will keep the child happy until they are finally old enough to drive. The more things a parent knows about buying childrens bikes the more likely they are to make the perfect choice.

Do not assume that just because your child is young that you do not need to consider your child's personality when you are selecting a bicycle. By now you should now if your child is going to want to go fast, if they are into roughhousing, or if they are prone to being careful with their belongings. You should also try to find a design that is their favorite color. The more your child likes the appearance of their bicycle, the more use they are going to get out of it.

Not only are kids hard on their belongings, especially their bicycles, they also grow quickly. As nice as it would be to give your child a brand new bicycle, sometimes a used bike is the smarter option. Before purchasing a used child's bike you are going to really want to inspect it and make sure that it is in good working order. If the bike is covered in rust, or the moving parts are jammed, pass on it and look for another bike.

If you do end up purchasing a brand new bike for your child you might be tempted to save money by purchasing a bike that needs to be assembled. Before doing so consider the fact that the assembly process is never as easy as you think it will be. If you are not confident that you can assemble the bicycle properly you should purchase one that has already been put together.

Some parents opt to purchase new one for their young child but then try to save money by purchasing one that needs to be assembled. Sometimes this turns out to be a bad idea. The first problem is that the assembly process never seems to go as smoothly as everyone expected. The second problem is that there is always a chance that a piece has been improperly installed or that bolts are not tight enough and the bike disintegrates as the child is riding down the side of the road.

Parents need to be realistic about the size of bike that their child needs. They make the mistake of purchasing a bike that is too big for their child. While the idea that the child will grow into the bike seems fantastic, the reality is that when the bike is to big your child is going to have a difficult time controlling it. If the bike cannot be adjusted so that your child can handle it easily, the parents need to continue shopping until they find a smaller version.

When you have plenty of time to help them and supervise, you can take the training wheels off and start teaching them how to balance and peddle. This process doesn't take long to get the hang of. Most kids picks it up within a day or two if they practice enough.

The human skull is no harder than the average watermelon shell and it is nearly impossible to put back together. Since a single fall from a bike can leave a child with permanent brain damage it is important to combine buying childrens bikes with the purchase of a helmet. Make sure the helmet fits snuggle against the child's skull.

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